How to Submit

Submitting an Invited Protocol

If we have invited you to submit a full version of your Protocol, specific links for submitting your Protocol will have been supplied in e-mails from the Editors. If you cannot find the link or it no longer works, please email our editorial team at We will be happy to provide you with a new link or further assistance.

Submitting a Presubmission enquiry

If you have not been invited to write by an Editor, you are welcome to submit a presubmission enquiry. If you would like to propose a Protocol for consideration by the Editors, please ensure you provide the information we require to assess the presubmission enquiry by reading the author instructions for presubmission enquiries page in our online submission system

Briefly, we require a summary describing an overview of the technique detailing its applications, target audience, advantages, limitations and adaptations. You may wish to upload a document containing the working version of the protocol and/or a flow diagram of the workflow. We strongly advise against preparing a full version of your protocol at this stage as only a small proportion of presubmission enquiries will successfully make it through to subsequent stages of the editorial process. All of our Protocols must be based on methods used in at least one published (or accepted for publication) peer-reviewed primary research paper; please upload a PDF version of at least one supporting primary paper where the technique has been used. 

The presubmission enquiry submission process starts by clicking on the "Submit Presubmission Enquiry" link on the HOME page. Please follow the instructions given in the form for how to upload your summary and additional documents. An Editor will be in touch with our decision on whether we are interested in considering the proposed protocol for publication.