About the Editors

Like the other Nature titles, Nature Protocols has no external editorial board. Instead, all editorial decisions are made by a dedicated team of professional editors, with relevant research and editorial backgrounds.

Chief Editor: Melanie Clyne, PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCID

Mel joined Nature Protocols in June 2014 and leads the journal's editorial team. Mel completed her PhD at the Genome Damage and Stability Centre, University of Sussex, where she studied cisplatin resistance in mismatch-repair-defective cells. She continued this research with a brief stint as a postdoctoral scientist before making the transition from laboratory-based research to medical publishing in 2009. She worked—first as an Editorial Assistant, and then as a Clinical Writer—for Map of Medicine, drafting peer-reviewed treatment guidelines for the NHS, and helping local healthcare communities to evaluate the impact of service redesign. Mel joined Nature Publishing Group in September 2011 as an Editor for Nature Reviews Urology, before taking up her current position at Nature Protocols. She is based in the London office.


Senior Editor: Bronwen Dekker, PhD, Springer Nature, Germany, ORCID

Bronwen Dekker did a masters in Natural Product Chemistry (under Dulcie Mulholland, University of Natal) and worked in the toxicology section of a forensic science laboratory before doing a PhD under Jamal Zweit and Alastair Watson in the Radiochemical Targeting and Imaging group at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research. After a radiochemistry post-doc in Steve Mather's laboratory at St Bartholomew's hospital, she joined Nature Protocols in February 2006. She is based in the Berlin office.


Senior Editor: Hannah Clark, PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCID

Hannah obtained her MA in Biological Sciences from the University of Oxford (St. Hilda's College) before undertaking a Ph.D. in Equine Parasitology, investigating the molecular mechanisms of benzimidazole resistance in equine small strongyles. This was completed under the supervision of Dr. Jane Hodgkinson at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool. Hannah joined Nature Protocols as an Assistant Editor in July 2006. She is based in the London office.


Senior Editor: Ivanka Kamenova, PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCID

Ivanka obtained her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology in 2013 from the University of Washington, Seattle where her research focused on characterizing TATA-less promoters in Saccharomyces cerevisiae under the supervision of Steve Hahn at the Fred Hutch. After that she moved to the IGBMC in Strasbourg, France to work in Laszlo Tora’s group, studying how protein domain organization guides co-translational assembly of multi-subunit complexes in mammalian cells using genomics and single molecule imaging methods. She joined Nature Protocols in April 2018 as an Associate Editor. She is based in the London office.


Senior Editor: Rosy Favicchio, PhD, Springer Nature, UK

Rosy completed her PhD in Molecular Imaging at IMBB-FORTH developing in vivo fluorescence molecular tomography under Jorge Ripoll, after completing an MPhil in Biophysics at the University of Portsmouth under Colyn Crane-Robinson and Sasi Conte investigating the DNA-binding domain of the protein HMGB1. Rosy then moved to Imperial College London where she studied the role of choline metabolism during cancer progression and therapy response using positron emission tomography in Eric Aboagye’s lab. Rosy joined Springer Nature in 2016 as an Editor for Nature Biomedical Engineering and joined Nature Protocols in March 2022. Rosy is based in the London office.


Senior Editor: Andrew Economou, PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCID

Andrew obtained his PhD in Evolutionary Biology in 2008 from University College London, where he studied arthropod evolutionary developmental biology in the lab of Max Telford. This was followed by a postdoc in the lab of Jeremy Green at King’s College London, where he studied mouse craniofacial morphogenesis, combining experimental approaches with computational image analysis and mathematical modelling. Subsequently, as a postdoc in Caroline Hill’s lab at the Francis Crick Institute, he developed whole embryo imaging and quantitative analysis approaches to study early cell fate decisions in the zebrafish embryo. Andrew joined Nature Protocols as an Associate Editor in January 2022 and is based in the London office.


The Reviews Cross-Journal Editorial Team works across the Nature Reviews portfolio and Nature Protocols, as the need arises, handling content in the life, clinical, physical and social sciences.