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This Week’s Featured Protocol:

Polymerisation reaction to make large crystalline covalent organic frameworks


  • Automated pipetting of reagents into multiple wells in a high-throughput assay format.

    The Protocol Exchange is an open repository of community-contributed protocols. See the latest, including subcutaneous implantation of polyethylene tubes containing endodontic reparative materials in 12-week-old Wistar rats, integrated molecular portraits of breast cancer, and simultaneous single-cell chromatin architecture and gene expression sequencing by LiMCA.

  • IBEX for imaging tissues

    Our authors are invited to write blog posts that describe how they conceived and developed their protocols, prior to publication at Nature Protocols. These stories are published on a community website for researchers who are interested in techniques and methods.

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    One of our editors (Bronwen Dekker) was involved in drafting the PRO-MaP document, which contains draft recommendations for Researchers, Research Institutions, Publishers and Funders with the aim of improving methodological clarity in life sciences publications. The authors welcome feedback on these ideas from members of each stakeholder group, including experts in improving method reporting.



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