A ultrasound view of the mouse brain

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Perspective advocating for regulatory frameworks for neurodata


  • Automated pipetting of reagents into multiple wells in a high-throughput assay format.

    The Protocol Exchange is an open repository of community-contributed protocols. See the latest, including scCircle-seq unveils the diversity and complexity of circular DNAs in single cells, R scripts for human microbiome analysis toolset, and age-dependent topic modelling of comorbidities in UK Biobank.

  • A brain

    A new Collection of protocols and tutorials covering the fabrication and use of implantable bioelectronic devices which enable the recording of electrophysiological parameters and the interrogation of neural circuits in animals and humans.

  • Promoting Methods and Protocols logo

    The PRO-MaP document contains draft recommendations for Researchers, Research Institutions, Publishers and Funders with the aim of improving methodological clarity in life sciences publications. The authors welcome feedback on these ideas from members of each stakeholder group, including experts in improving method reporting.



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