Chemical symbols

Our featured Protocol this week:

Electron diffraction for metal-organic framework analysis


  • Cell segmentation

    The Nature Protocol for pooled genetic perturbation screens with image-based phenotypes comes with a video protocol!

  • Automated pipetting of reagents into multiple wells in a high-throughput assay format.

    The Protocol Exchange is an open repository of community-contributed protocols. See the latest, including those for Induction and maintenance of mouse totipotent stem cells by a defined chemical cocktail, an electron microscopic double staining method with hematoxylin followed by lead citrate, and a systematic review on the global burden of human monkeypox.

  • Green chemistry images

    Bronwen is excited to be going to the GRC Green Chemistry conference later this month, and we have updated the Green Chemistry Collection in anticipation!


The 3D genome

This collection includes recent articles from across the Nature group of journals and showcases both the latest advances in the methodologies used to study genome organization, and our recent understanding of how genome organization and nuclear architecture regulate gene expression, cell fate and cell function in physiology and disease.


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