GFAP- and vimentin-positive astrocytes after 4 weeks of differentiation from neural precursor cells (NPCs) derived from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs)

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Medulloblastoma and high-grade glioma organoids for drug screening, lineage tracing, co-culture and in vivo assay


  • Automated pipetting of reagents into multiple wells in a high-throughput assay format.

    The Protocol Exchange is an open repository of community-contributed protocols. See the latest, including INSPECTR assay for sensitive SARS-CoV-2 enabled by rolling circle amplification.

  • An overview of a poster presenting current approaches to isolate, culture and use human pluripotent stem cells.

    A collection of protocols for growing and studying various types of organoid (brain, skin, kidney, liver, bile duct, prostate, placenta, breast, colon, stomach, pancreas, lung, heart, and blood vessel) generated from both healthy and cancer cells.

  • Scissors cutting DNA strand

    Check out our updated Genome Editing Collection for a selection of the Protocols, Research, Reviews and News articles published across the Nature Portfolio over the last two years.


The 3D genome

This collection includes recent articles from across the Nature group of journals and showcases both the latest advances in the methodologies used to study genome organization, and our recent understanding of how genome organization and nuclear architecture regulate gene expression, cell fate and cell function in physiology and disease.


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  • Cell Reprogramming Scientist

    Seeking Research Scientists (at all levels) with experience in Cell Reprogramming, Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine.

    London (Greater) (GB)

    CT19 Ltd

  • Senior Research Technician (ASCOF) - (Maternity Leave)

    APPLICATION CLOSING DATE:  8th of May 2023 Human Technopole is a new interdisciplinary research institute, created and supported by the Italian gov...

    Milan (IT)

    Human Technopole

  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Proteomics

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    Tulane University

  • Research Specialist - Dulac Lab

    The Dulac lab at Harvard University focuses on molecular, genetic and optical techniques to explore the molecular and neuronal basis of innate social

    Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

  • Named Veterinary Surgeon

    Applications are now open for an experienced NVS to join the Crick and support our comprehensive animal research and care programme.

    London (Greater) (GB)

    Francis Crick Institute