Volume 43 Issue 5, April 2018

Volume 43 Issue 5

Data-driven neural circuit-cognitive relationships determine subgroups of participants across youth and emerging adults with schizophrenia spectrum, bipolar spectrum, or autism spectrum disorder and matched controls. Cover image highlighting the arcuate fasciculus (right hemisphere) courtesy of Laura Stefanik, Slaight Family Centre for Youth in Transition, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, ON, Canada. Contributors: Lauren Erdman, Dr. Stephanie H Ameis, Dr. George Foussias, Dr. Benoit H Mulsant, Tina Behdinan, Dr. Anna Goldenberg, Dr. Lauren J O'Donnell and Dr. Aristotle N Voineskos. For more information, see the paper by Laura Stefanik et al, npp.2017.274, on page 1180.



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