Volume 41 Issue 4, March 2016

Volume 41 Issue 4

Fluorescent in situ hybridization of the mouse ventral tegmental area labeled for tyrosine hydroxylase (red), brain-derived neurotrophic factor (green), or glutamate decarboxylase (blue). Cover image courtesy of Christopher Cook and Juli Wu, who processed the tissue, and Ann Taylor, who captured and analyzed the image.

Correlated groups of genes whose expression in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is associated with bipolar disorder. Cover image courtesy of Nirmala Akula and Francis J McMahon, Human Genetics Branch, National Institute of Mental Health Intramural Research Program (NIMH-IRP), National Institutes of Health, US Department of Health and Human Services, Bethesda, MD, USA.

Search swim pattern of a group of naïve rats subjected to a probe trial in the water maze following a 5-day training period. Noteworthy, rats spent a greater amount of time in the quadrant where the platform was situated during training (warm colored area at the bottom right). This swim pattern was obtained using a density plot script on Matlab. Contributors: Mr. Victor Mathis, MSc, Mr. Martino Avallone, Mrs. Brigitte Cosquer, Dr. Jean-Christophe Cassel and Dr. Lucas Lecourtier [Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives et Adaptatives, UMR 7364 CNRS/Strasbourg University] performed the experiments, data analyses and manuscript writing. Cover image courtesy of Dr. Romain Goutagny.


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