For Authors & Referees

This section offers the following resources for prospective authors and referees:

Click on "Submission Checklist" for:
A checklist containing items to confirm before you submit. Also available in "Preparation of Manuscripts."

Click on "Editorial Policies" for:
Information on funding and disclosures, clinical trials, systematic reviews & meta-analysis, animal models, peer review policies, authorship, copyright, plagiarism and fabrication, duplicate publication, image manipulation, correction and retraction policies, research data policies, gene nomenclature, and bioethics. 

Click on "Communication with Media/Communication Between Scientists/Preprints" for:
Information on communicating with the journal, media, other scientists, and preprint policies. 

Click on "Preparation of Manuscripts" for: 
Information on preparing submissions, English language support, file formats, and supplementary information.

Click on "Artwork Guidelines/Figures/Tables" for:
Information on artwork, figures, color figure fees, and tables.

Click on "Submission of Manuscripts" for:
Information on navigating the submission system, the submission process, adobe acrobat, getting help, manuscript status, reviewer recommendations, advance online publication, e-proofs, and offprints. 

Click on "License to Publish/Open Access/Self-Archiving" for: 
Information on open access & self-archiving,manuscript deposition,digital preservation, and extending the reach of your paper. 

Click on "For Referees" for: 
Information about publication criteria, selection of referees, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, the review process, and how to write a report.

Click on "Guide for Collections in Neuropsychopharmacology" for: 
Information on the aims & scope, guest editor information, peer review policy, validity of statement and peer-review process of collections published in Neuropsychopharmacology.