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  • May 2024: Ghrelin decreases sensitivity to negative feedback and increases prediction-error related caudate activity in humans, a randomized controlled trial.

  • This is a new article type for trainees and early-stage investigators (within 10 years of terminal research degree or residency and have not had R01 or equivalent) to share their scientific ideas and perspectives. If discussing a current debate, we encourage authors to provide the historical context and suggest constructive approaches. Pre-submission inquiries required, click here for details.

  • To improve rigor and transparency in clinical research published in NPP, submitting authors are now required to answer questions that confirm whether their manuscript includes a clinical trial. Submissions involving clinical trials must include a CONSORT checklist, CONSORT flow diagram, and a registry number.


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Highlighting Research on Health Disparities

A collection aimed at highlighting NPP articles and commentaries that address disparities related to gender, race, ethnicity, LGBTQ+ individuals, and early life adversity