Advisory Panel

Editorial Advisory Panel in Social Science and Policy

In addition to its team of editors, Nature Plants has an external advisory panel in the fields of social sciences and policy to support further development of the journal in these areas. All final editorial decisions are made by the journal's editors. Our advisory panel includes the following members:

Michael S. Carolan

Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO
Research interests: environmental and agricultural law and policy, environmental sociology, the sociology of food systems and agriculture, the sociology of technology and scientific knowledge, and social theory.

Gerad Middendorf

Associate Professor of Sociology
Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS
Research interests: rural and environmental studies, sociology of agriculture and food, international development, science and technology studies, and contemporary theory.

Carolyn Sachs

Professor of Rural Sociology
Department of Women’s Studies
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA
Research interests: agriculture and food, environment and natural resources, and community, regional and international development.

Glenn Davis Stone

Professor of Anthropology and Environmental Studies
Department of Anthropology
Washington University
St. Louis, MO
Research interests: environmental anthropology, political ecology, food studies, and science and technology studies.

David Zilberman

Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
Research interests: marketing, biotechnology, water, risk management, biofuels, natural resources, agricultural and environmental policy, and the economics of innovation.