Nicotiana tabacum flowers

Genome editing:
Mitochondrial knockouts

  • Joachim Forner
  • Dennis Kleinschmidt
  • Ralph Bock


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  • Spraying weedkiller on weeds

    Herbicide-resistant weeds pose a global threat to food security. A theoretical study of a perennial weed species predicts population dynamics and herbicide resistance evolution in weeds under different management regimes.

  • Variegated corn

    To celebrate the 40th anniversary since Barbara McClintock was awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of “jumping genes”, the Springer Nature Plant Sciences editors have put together a Collection of articles highlighting her contribution to current Plant Biology.

  • Native sand grassland species co-grow with the invasive perennial forb Asclepias syriaca in a field restoration experiment

    A systematic review and meta-analyses of seed-based ecological restoration experiments identifies native priority as a promising mechanism for controlling invasion of alien plant species, which can reduce the performance of invasive species by more than 50%.

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