Aims & Scope

npj Vaccines is a multidisciplinary journal that is dedicated to publishing the finest and high-quality research and development on human and veterinary vaccines, including:

  • discovery and basic science
  • nonclinical development of vaccines
  • biodefense vaccine
  • AIDS vaccine
  • vaccine formulation
  • vaccine adjuvants and conjugate vaccines
  • cancer/oncology vaccines
  • clinical evaluation of vaccines
  • vaccine safety
  • regulatory science
  • conventional and non-conventional vaccines
  • live, attenuated vaccines
  • inactivated vaccines
  • subunit vaccines
  • toxoid vaccines
  • DNA vaccines
  • recombinant vector vaccines.

Original research articles will include an Editorial Summary that will summarize the key issues being addressed within the article with the goal of keeping the readership informed of advances in the field of vaccinology.

Given the public health importance of vaccines, in addition to publishing high-quality original research, npj Vaccines also publishes commentaries, News and Views (or a similar format), research highlights, editorials, and matters arising from readers, to provide state-of-the-art information for those interested in vaccines.