About the Partner

npj Vaccines is part of the Nature Partner Journals series and is published by Springer Nature in partnership with the Sealy Center for Vaccine Development at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Sealy Center for Vaccine Development (SCVD)

Located on historic Galveston Island, Texas, the Sealy Center for Vaccine Development (SCVD) was inaugurated in December, 2001. With 75+ faculty members from fourteen School of Medicine Departments, the center incorporates the expertise of more than 100 cutting-edge research programs currently at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB). The faculty and staff of the SCVD strive to create, perfect and promote the most effective and safest disease prevention strategies. In this endeavor, the center carries on the proud tradition of medical research and discovery that has been a hallmark of UTMB since its beginning.

The center fosters the highest quality collaborative and programmatic research and facilitates the translation of laboratory findings to prevention of infectious diseases in the community. It has been named a World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Vaccine Research, Evaluation and Training on Emerging Infectious Diseases. The designation by WHO makes UTMB only the second university in the Western Hemisphere to receive this designation.

The medical branch is only the seventh university in the world to receive WHO designation for vaccine expertise. UTMB is the only academic institution in the United States with a fully operational biosafety level four containment facility — the Galveston National Laboratory — where research on the world’s most deadly pathogens can be conducted under the strictest safety practices and procedures.