Aims & Scope

npj Urban Sustainability considers all aspects of research that aims to understand, influence, and manage sustainable urbanization.

The journal covers a broad range of topics including but not limited to:

  • Sustainable urban planning and design
  • Urban transportation and mobility
  • Green buildings and sustainable architecture
  • Renewable energy in urban environments
  • Urban green spaces and biodiversity conservation
  • Sustainable water management and wastewater treatment
  • Circular economy and waste management
  • Climate resilience and adaptation in urban contexts
  • Social equity, security, and inclusive urban development practices
  • Smart cities and digital technologies for sustainability
  • Urban agriculture and local food systems
  • Collection and analyses of urban data
  • Policy and governance for urban sustainability

The journal offers more choice to Nature Portfolio authors who are seeking a fully open-access and more inclusive platform for publishing their work. The journal is led by sustainability experts who collaborate to cultivate high-quality research. As part of the npj Series, this journal focuses on fostering global partnerships with the research community and other Springer Nature journals.