About the Partner

npj Science of Learning is published by Springer Nature in partnership with The University of Queensland and the Queensland Brain Institute.

The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland (UQ) maintains a world-class, comprehensive program of research and research training. UQ aims for international standards of excellence across the spectrum of research, from fundamental, curiosity-driven work that builds the stock of knowledge and leads to new research questions to applied research and innovation with direct applications to industry and communities. The extent to which UQ succeed is evident from the quality and impact of their research and it is a quality endorsed by global university rankings, which consistently rank UQ in the global top 100. 

Queensland Brain Institute

The Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) was established in 2003, and in the past decade, QBI has achieved remarkable success under the leadership of Founding Director Professor Perry Bartlett. With over 400 scientific staff, the Institute has made major discoveries about how brain functions like learning and memory are regulated.

These insights are now being applied to the new Science of Learning Research Centre. Since QBI's first publication in Nature, the Institute has published over 1,200 articles, including one featured on the 8 January 2015 cover of Nature.