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npj Science of Food is published by Springer Nature in partnership with Beijing Technology and Business University.

Beijing Technology and Business University

Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU) is a key state-run university with comprehensive disciplines covering Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Law, Economics, History, Philosophy and Management. The university lays the equal emphasis on teaching and scientific and technological research. In 2007 BTBU accepted the teaching quality evaluation from the Ministry of Education and was awarded the rank Excellence. Under the university there are 9 schools, 1 department (Research Institute) and 1 education center, within which 43 undergraduate majors, 35 postgraduate majors, 2 master degree programs and some joint doctoral programs are offered. Among those majors and programs 16 are awarded the Beijing Municipal and Preferential-construction disciplines or majors. Also at BTBU there exist 2 national industrial test centres, 1 national experimental centre for Practical Teaching, 1 Beijing Municipal Key Lab and 2 Beijing Municipal Research Bases. Beijing Technology and Business University takes an area of 840,000 square meters, 475,000 square meters of buildings and a total fixed asset of RMB1.27 billion. Since the 10th Five-Year Program, the university has increased its investment in infrastructures, completing the reconstruction of the Fucheng Road Campus and the first stage construction of Liangxiang Campus (245,900㎡). Besides, the university has a library of 25,000㎡, with 2.03 million of books in stock, including over 600,000 digital ones and 2600 magazines and periodicals. At present, the university hires 807 full-time faculty members, 48% of whom have senior professional titles. Eight professors enjoy special research allowance from the State Council; two are awarded as China's Excellent Teachers; three are Famous Teachers of Universities in Beijing; five are Excellent Teachers in Beijing; 53 are Excellent Young Teachers in Beijing; and 11 research teams are selected as Academic Innovation Teams of Beijing.