Aims & Scope

npj Science of Food publishes high-quality, high-impact papers related to food safety, security, integrated production, processing and packaging, the changes and interactions of food components, and the influence on health and wellness properties of food. The journal will support fundamental studies that advance the science of food beyond the classic focus on processing, thereby addressing basic inquiries around food from the public and industry. It will also support research that might result in innovation of technologies and products that are public-friendly while promoting the United Nations sustainable development goals. 

The scope of the Journal will include: 

  • Safety, security and policy of the world’s food supply;
  • Integrated production, processing and packaging;
  • Physiochemical changes and interactions among food ingredients caused by processing, digestion and food additives;  
  • Food for health and well-being with the emphasis on body responses to food;
  • Food innovations and future research.