Aims & Scope

npj Precision Oncology is an international, peer-reviewed journal committed to publishing cutting-edge scientific research in all aspects of precision oncology from basic science to translational applications to clinical medicine.

The journal defines precision oncology as cancer diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, and/or treatment tailored specifically to the individual patient based on the genetic and/or molecular profile of the patient. High-impact articles that entail relevant studies using panomics, molecular, cellular, and/or targeted approaches in the cancer research field are considered for publication. All areas of precision oncology from basic research to clinical applications will be considered.

Featured topics include carcinogenesis, targeted immunotherapy, mechanism-based therapies targeting specific cellular signaling pathways, genetic risk factors, miRNAs, tumor microenvironment, cancer metabolism and cancer stem cells – all in the context of diagnosis/prognosis/therapy, drug resistance mechanisms, reoccurrence,  intervention strategies, emerging clinical and translational aspects.

The journal publishes original basic science, translational and clinical research articles, including clinical trials, especially when informed by genetic/molecular profile data. Submissions in the format of case reports, brief communications, commentaries, perspectives, and reviews will be considered.  The Journal will also publish a professionally written Editorial Lay Summary to accompany each article, which summarizes the key issues being addressed, aimed at keeping readership at the vanguard of new discoveries on the following topics: