Calls for papers

Highlight your research and enhance its visibility to your field and community by submitting to one of our Collections. Collections at npj Ocean Sustainability provide a high-profile venue for topics of substantial interest to the community. Papers included in a Collection are published in the journal and featured on our Collection page.

  • Ending plastic pollution

    Plastics are a crucial part of modern life, however tens of millions of tonnes of plastic waste is disposed of each year, much of which ultimately ends up in the ocean. In this Collection we showcase studies on understanding and mitigating (micro)plastic pollution, with a special focus on reducing plastic waste in the environment to coincide with 2024's upcoming binding UN treaty on Ending Plastic Pollution.
      Submission status: Open Deadline: 24 October 2024
    • Marine heatwaves

      In this Collection we present articles that explore the causes, characteristics and impacts of marine heatwaves. We are pleased to invite submissions of complementary studies and opinion pieces, to broaden the discussion.
      • Regina R. Rodrigues, PhD
      • Weiqing Han, PhD
      • Serena Illig, PhD
      • Sang-Wook Yeh, PhD
      Submission status: Open Deadline: 31 October 2024
    • Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals

      The year 2023 marks the mid-point of the 15-year period envisaged to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, targets for global development adopted in September 2015 by all United Nations Member States.
        Submission status: Open
      • Bridging Land and Seascape Restoration for Ecoscape Recovery

        Coastal restoration must shift towards an ecoscape focus - reconnecting ecological linkages across multiple habitats from land to sea - to achieve environmental sustainability goals.
        • Lisa Wedding
        • Tundi Agardy
        • Stephanie Green
        • Larry Crowder
        Submission status: Open Deadline: 01 July 2024
      • Moving towards Climate-smart Ocean Planning

        Marine spatial planning initiatives need to become climate-smart — properly integrating climate change — to be sustainable equitable and relevant under a changing ocean.
        • Catarina Frazão Santos
        • Elena Gissi
        Submission status: Open Deadline: 30 June 2024