Calls for papers

Highlight your research and enhance its visibility to your field and community by submitting to one of our Collections. Collections at npj Mental Health Research provide a high-profile venue for topics of substantial interest to the community. Papers included in a Collection are published in the journal and featured on our Collection page.

  • Clinical applications of AI in mental health care

    This joint venture Collection between npj Mental Health Research and npj Digital Medicine highlights how AI can be safely, ethically, & impactfully utilized to advance our understanding of mental illnesses & improve patient care.
    • Eric Kuhn, PhD
    • Maurice D Mulvenna, PhD
    • John B. Torous, MD MBI
    • Raymond Bond, PhD
    Submission status: Upcoming Deadline: 24 June 2024
  • Meeting the need of children’s mental health

    This collection will feature empirical and theoretical publications focused on systemic innovations and solutions to meet the volume and breadth of children’s mental health needs.
    • Elizabeth Connors
    • Linda Mayes
    Submission status: Open Deadline: 20 December 2023