Aims & Scope

npj Flexible Electronics publishes high-quality papers related to flexible electronic systems, including plastic electronics and emerging materials, new device design and fabrication technologies, and applications. The journal will support fundamental studies that improve understanding of the science relevant for flexible, stretchable and conformable devices, and research that aims to achieve new technologies that might lead to low-cost flexible devices with advanced functionality.

Representative journal scope:

  • Advanced and emerging materials for flexible electronics: plastic, molecular and inorganic systems, two-dimensional materials, biomaterials
  • Flexible devices and applications: bioelectronics and health monitoring, sensors and actuators, energy harvesting and storage, optoelectronics, computing, robotics, packaging
  • Fabrication and processing of flexible devices: lithography, printing, solution processing, patterning, self-assembly, device integration
  • Material properties and phenomena relevant for flexible devices, including device physics
  • Device architecture, simulation and testing