For Authors & Referees

This section will help you when preparing your manuscript for initial submission and resubmission to npj Climate and Atmospheric Science. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with our editorial policies as outlined in our Guide for Authors before submitting your work. An overview of key information on submitting primary research is also available in our brief guide to manuscript submission in PDF format.

For information on our aims and scope, as well as our content types, please refer to the About the journal section.

How to submit

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically through our online submission system, from which you can upload the cover letter and manuscript files (text, figures and supplementary information, including video) and check on the status of your manuscripts during the review process.

Revised manuscripts should be uploaded through the link provided in the editor's decision letter. Please do not submit revisions as new manuscripts.

The authors must include copies of all related manuscripts with any overlap in authorship that are under consideration or in press elsewhere.

Guide for Authors

View our guide for authors for detailed information on editorial criteria, and how manuscripts are handled by our editors between submission and acceptance for publication.

Manuscripts submitted to npj Climate and Atmospheric Science do not need to adhere to our formatting requirements at the point of initial submission; formatting requirements only apply at the time of acceptance.

Download Guide for Authors

Guide for Reviewers

View our guide for reviewers for detailed information on policies, workflows and criteria.