Aims & Scope

npj Climate and Atmospheric Science is an open access journal covering the relevant physical, chemical and biological components of atmospheric and climate science. An area of particular focus for the journal is regional studies, which demonstrate new understanding of a particular locality, including studies of local atmospheric composition, including aerosols.
Topics covered by the journal include climate dynamics, climate variability, weather and climate prediction, climate change, ocean dynamics, weather extremes, air pollution, atmospheric chemistry including aerosols, the hydrological cycle and atmosphere–ocean and atmosphere–land interactions. Studies that apply a wide range of methods fall within the remit of the journal, such as numerical and statistical modeling, development and application of in situ observational techniques and remote sensing and development or evaluation of new reanalyses.
Submissions are invited in the form of research articles, brief communications, reviews and data-focused resource papers. There is a limit of 5,000 words for regular research articles, which can be increased at the discretion of the Editors-in-Chief.