• digital heat map of atmospheres

    Paleoclimate studies towards a digital paradigm by using paleoclimate records integration, model simulation, and data assimilation for promoting our understanding of climate dynamics and future prediction.

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  • The World Meteorological Organization has honoured Prof. In-Sik Kang, Professor Emeritus at Seoul National University (SNU), Republic of Korea, and an Associate Editor at npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, with its top award for his outstanding contributions to climate science.


  • Population ageing is one of the most challenging social and economic issues facing governments in the twenty-first century1. Yet the compounding challenges of people living longer while also coping with the impacts of climate change has been subject to less examination. Here, we show that often-used binary definitions of”vulnerable” older communities – such as people over the age of 65 – can lead to the underestimation of future risks from extreme weather in a warming climate. Within this broad grouping, successively older age groups not only exhibit higher vulnerability to the impacts of climate extremes, but they also show more rapid growth in the future. Lower income countries are more likely to underestimate future climate risks if simplistic classifications of vulnerable older communities persist.

    • Luke J. Harrington
    • Friederike E. L. Otto
    CommentOpen Access

Climate and Weather Extremes

Humans and ecosystems struggle to cope with extreme weather and climate conditions. Research into phenomena that are extreme in their rarity, intensity, or both aims to help societies better anticipate and manage the challenges of the most impactful future weather and climate events, be they weeks or decades from now. Extreme weather and events have catastrophic impact on humans and the environment, and their prediction is essential for planning and mitigation preparation. In this Collection, we highlight research looking at extreme events across the globe and their prediction. Extreme events in the Arctic have a disproportionate effect on global climate and weather and there is a Collection addressing this topic specifically.


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