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On the future zonal contrasts of equatorial Pacific climate: Perspectives from Observations, Simulations, and Theories

  • Sukyoung Lee
  • Michelle L’Heureux
  • Nathaniel C. Johnson
Review Article


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Climate and Weather Extremes

Humans and ecosystems struggle to cope with extreme weather and climate conditions. Research into phenomena that are extreme in their rarity, intensity, or both aims to help societies better anticipate and manage the challenges of the most impactful future weather and climate events, be they weeks or decades from now. Extreme weather and events have catastrophic impact on humans and the environment, and their prediction is essential for planning and mitigation preparation. In this Collection, we highlight research looking at extreme events across the globe and their prediction. Extreme events in the Arctic have a disproportionate effect on global climate and weather and there is a Collection addressing this topic specifically.


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