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Water Purification


water purification collection

npj Clean Water will publish a Special Collection dedicated to purification of alternative (impaired) water sources, identifying the gaps and needs for freshwater provisions, state-of-the-art technologies and processes, and advances needed to reduce cost and energy of treating such waters.  The Special Collection will be curated by Guest Co-Editors-in-Chief Professor Meagan Mauter, Stanford University, and Professor Arne Verliefde, Ghent University.
We are seeking cutting-edge papers in the fields of brackish groundwater and seawater desalination, municipal water recycling as well as industrial and agricultural water reclamation, recycling and reuse. All manuscripts submitted will be initially handled by Profs Meagan Mauter and Arne Verliefde.


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The deadline for submissions for this Collection is 28 February 2022

The article selection below represents the types of research the journal has already published on this topic. Visit our website to learn more about npj Clean Water's aims and scope, or to browse all available articles.

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