Aims & Scope

npj Clean Water publishes high-quality papers which report cutting-edge science, technology, application, policy and societal issues that contribute towards a more sustainable supply of clean water. Papers published in the journal may also support and accelerate Sustainable Development Goal 6, 'Clean water and sanitation'.
Representative journal scope:

  • drinking water and wastewater treatment by physical, chemical or biological means, including research at the interface of these approaches.
  • new materials and process technologies for water and wastewater treatment, including membranes, advanced oxidation, nano-enabled materials and processes.
  • desalination of seawater, groundwater and non-traditional wastes like municipal and industrial wastewater for recycling or reuse.
  • advances in measurement and detection of regulated water quality parameters, as well as real-time monitoring of pathogens and emerging contaminants.
  • software and hardware innovations related to reliable and efficient clean water distribution and supply, including machine learning, Internet of things and big data analyses.
  • broader issues related to the supply of clean water beyond natural sciences, including topics such as education, funding, policy, intellectual property and impact on society.