Aims & Scope

npj Biofilms and Microbiomes considers research that explores the biology, ecology, and communal function of biofilms, microbial populations, and communities, as well as derived applications across the medical, environmental, and engineering sciences. 
The journal covers a broad range of topics including but not limited to:  

  • Basic microbiology of biofilms and microbiome, including genetics, effect of the micro and macro environment, evolution, internal and external dynamics 
  • Molecular mechanisms of biofilm formation 
  • Biofilm-associated properties 
  • Strategies and technologies for the prevention of biofilm formation 
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods to detect biofilms remotely and in situ 
  • Mechanical, chemical, and therapeutic strategies for removing biofilms 
  • Control of biofilms and biofilm engineering Biofilms in industrial, ecological, and clinical contexts 
  • Host-microbiome interactions in animals and plants 
  • Host-microbiome interactions in health and disease 
  • Ecology, evolution, and function of environmental microbiomes  
  • Microbial communities in extreme environments 
  • Engineering and manipulation of microbiomes 
  • Bioinformatics 

The journal offers more choice to Nature Portfolio authors who are seeking a fully open-access and more inclusive platform for publishing their work. The journal is led by biofilms and microbiomes experts who collaborate to cultivate high-quality research. As part of the npj Series, this journal focuses on fostering global partnerships with the research community and other Springer Nature journals.