October 2015

Breast cancer: New test aims to help predict more aggressive type that can spread to the brain – CBC News

Test could predict whether breast cancer will spread to the brain – ScienceDaily

New breast cancer gene test will predict how likely it is to spread to the brain – Daily mail

Breast Cancer Is Deadly When It Spreads To The Brain, But A New Test Could Help Identify At-Risk Patients -  Medical Daily

Test that will identify risk of breast cancer spreading – The Scotsman

Test can predict chance of developing brain cancer after breast cancer – The Vancouver Sun

Breast Cancer: New Test Determines If Disease Will Spread To Brain – Science World Report

December 2014
Nature Publishing Group (NPG) and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation are delighted to announce the launch of npj Breast Cancer, a new open access journal. The journal is specifically dedicated to publishing the finest research on breast cancer research and treatment. Read the full press release here.

BCRF Partners with Nature to Advance Breast Cancer Research and Treatment – BCRF Blog