About the Partner

npj Aging is published by Springer Nature in partnership with the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (JAAM).

Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

The Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (JAAM) was initially founded as the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Japan in 2001. It was then reorganized as JAAM in April 2003 and incorporated as a limited liability intermediate corporation in July 2006. With a membership of more than 8,000 individuals covering a wide and diverse range of basic research and clinical specialties, JAAM has grown into one of the largest academic societies dedicated to the advancement of anti-aging medicine in Japan.

Anti-aging medicine deals with the biological process of aging. It aims to prevent diseases, including lifestyle-related diseases, to control factors that promote the occurrence of disease and to promote and prolong a healthy life span. JAAM pursues the practice of anti-aging medicine that is scientifically evidence-based.

The mission of JAAM is three-fold: to advance Anti-Aging Medicine, a basic element of healthcare in the 21st century, to accumulate and analyze aging- and anti-aging-related data and to appropriately approve practice on the basis of scientific evidence.