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  • The accelerating digital health landscape, coupled with the proliferation of wearable devices and advanced neuroimaging, offers an unprecedented avenue to develop precision interventions for enhancing physical activity in aging. This approach requires deep baseline phenotyping to match older adults with the intervention poised to yield maximal health benefits. However, building sufficient evidence to translate precision physical activity recommendations into clinical practice requires a collaborative effort that includes accessible open data. We propose a strategic roadmap to design and implement personalized programs, effectively decreasing physical inactivity and bolstering adherence among older adults.

    • Adrián Noriega de la Colina
    • Timothy P. Morris
    • Maiya R. Geddes
    CommentOpen Access
  • Recent reports in oncological and non-oncological experimental setups provide strong evidence that senescent cells are under the surveillance of CD8 T cell-mediated adaptive immunity. These new data also shed light on the mechanisms that sensitize senescent cells to CD8 T cell-dependent killing, as well as those that enable senescent cells to evade CD8 T cell immunosurveillance. Understanding the interplay between cellular senescence and the adaptive immune system may open new strategies to ameliorate aging and aging-associated diseases.

    • Ines Marin
    • Manuel Serrano
    • Federico Pietrocola
    CommentOpen Access