Aims & Scope

The mission of npj Aging is to provide the community with a platform to publish new high-profile insights into all aspects of aging. The journal welcomes submissions that explore basic mechanisms of aging and diseases (cellular and molecular biology, genetics and genomics, systems biology, metabolism, senescence, proteostasis, inflammation), effects of interventions in pre-clinical models and clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of age-related pathology. We are also interested in the social and societal implications of aging, including epidemiological studies.

The journal also publishes Reviews, Perspectives, and Comments on the most relevant and recent developments in aging research. We routinely organize and commission collections covering specific topics and encourage open discussions and debates.

npj Aging is led by renowned international scientists at the forefront of aging research and aims to attract the most impactful discoveries in the field. The editorial team works hard to guarantee a diversity of topics and authors and global visibility.