Aims & Scope

npj 2D Materials and Applications publishes papers on the fundamental behavior, synthesis, properties and applications of existing and emerging 2D materials. By selecting papers with the potential for impact, the journal aims to facilitate the transfer of the research of 2D materials into wide-ranging applications.
Representative journal scope includes: 

  • 2D materials in all their forms: graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, phosphorene and molecular systems, including relevant allotropes and compounds, and topological materials
  • fundamental understanding of their basic science
  • synthesis by physical and chemical approaches
  • behavior and properties: electronic, magnetic, spintronic, photonic, mechanical, including in heterostructures and other architectures
  • applications: sensors, memory, high-frequency electronics, energy harvesting and storage, flexible electronics, water treatment, biomedical, thermal management.

Along with original research articles, opinion-based Perspectives and critical Reviews are also welcome, providing a forum through which the research and technological aspects of 2D materials can be openly discussed.