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    In this collection we explore current trends in nuclear research, industry and policy in Comment and Review articles from Nature Reviews Physics, Nature Energy and Nature Physics.

    Image: Carl Conway/Springer Nature Limited
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    This collection showcases recent review articles and original research on active matter across a selection of Nature journals.

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    Perovskite materials have become very promising candidates for a new generation of potentially printable and efficient optoelectronic devices. Photovoltaic devices based on hybrid perovskites now achieve more than 20% photoconversion efficiency, and applications in solid-state lighting, photodetection and lasing are soaring. Their optoelectronic and photophysical properties are under intense scrutiny. This web-collection brings together a selection of multi-disciplinary research and comments published in the Nature journals that explores the basic properties of halide-based perovskite materials and their potential for application in optoelectronics, from solar cells to lasers. It serves to illustrate the road to easily processable and efficient devices by presenting both historical milestones and the crucial landmark studies published in the last 12 months in the Nature journals.

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    Recent advances in our understanding of the physics of living systems have come from biologists and physicists working in close collaboration. This Insight celebrates this approach by showcasing research across all the length scales relevant to living systems — from molecules and cells to tissues, organisms and populations.

    Image: Image by André E. X. Brown and Benjamin de Bivort
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    Antiferromagnetism is a form of magnetic structure in which the magnetic moments in a material align antiparallel to each other. Although historically this form of magnetism has been difficult to harness for practical applications, recent developments suggest this may soon be about to change, as this Focus on antiferromagnetic spintronics aims to show.

    Image: David Shand
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    This joint Nature Physics and Nature Materials Insight explores the physics of quantum materials, their synthesis and design, the control over their properties, and the functionality that emerges from these properties. Produced with the support of the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation and the Simons Foundation.

    Image: Hsieh lab
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    Dark matter makes up most of the Universe, but very little is known about it. This joint Nature Astronomy and Nature Physics Insight explores the history and current status of dark matter searches in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology.

    Image: Ralf Kaehler and Tom Abel ( KIPAC, SLAC / Stanford University )