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  • Ferromagnetism is observed at ferroelastic domain walls in strontium titanate and its heterostructures with other oxides. Applying strain can reverse the magnetism. This suggests the possibility of device engineering using domain walls.

    • D. V. Christensen
    • Y. Frenkel
    • B. Kalisky
  • Some gravitational phenomena are difficult or even impossible to observe in real spacetime. Laboratory analogues of black-hole horizons offer new perspectives on field theory effects that might help our understanding of gravitation.

    • Carlos Barceló
  • Quark–gluon plasma has been recreated in heavy-ion collisions, providing a glimpse of the very early Universe. The PHENIX Collaboration offers new insights into the possible creation of this state in smaller collision systems.

    • Yen-Jie Lee
    News & Views
  • A ‘which-way’ scattering process can generate entanglement between single photons and collective chiral vibrations in two-dimensional tungsten diselenide. The result opens up ways for engineering non-reciprocal interactions at the quantum level.

    • Xiaotong Chen
    • Xin Lu
    • Ajit Srivastava
  • A quark–gluon plasma is produced in proton–gold, deuteron–gold and helium–gold collisions. Observing elliptic and triangular flow in this nearly inviscid fluid from these different initial geometries provides a unique benchmark for hydrodynamic models.

    • C. Aidala
    • Y. Akiba
    • L. Zou
  • Accurately capturing both microscopic and mesoscopic properties of fluid–gas interfaces is a long-standing challenge. Now, a microscopic theory of correlation functions that can be scaled up to explain mesoscopic surface tension phenomena is put forward.

    • A. O. Parry
    • C. Rascón
    • Abigail Klopper
    Research Highlight
  • The simulation of strongly correlated quantum phases using ultracold atoms in optical lattices was first proposed 20 years ago. In the wake of that pioneering idea, quantum simulations are now widely pursued in experiments across the world.

    • Immanuel Bloch
    News & Views
  • Modern physics edged mechanics out into the wilds of engineering. But multidisciplinary interest in pattern formation has moved it back into the mainstream, bringing with it interest from other fields — as this summer’s Solvay Workshop demonstrated.

    • Pedro M. Reis
    • Fabian Brau
    • Pascal Damman
  • The growing influence in many disciplines of concepts rooted in the physics of complex systems is an achievement that warrants celebration.

  • Bart Verberck reflects on measuring the speed of light, its role in metrology, and special relativity.

    • Bart Verberck
    Measure for Measure