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    • Elizaveta Dubrovina
    Research Highlight
  • Working in a Mexican restaurant during his teenage years, Mark Buchanan discovered his love for jalapeños. Since then he has climbed higher and higher on the Scoville scale.

    • Mark Buchanan
    Measure for Measure
  • Electrons driven through a suspended carbon nanotube by a constant bias excite mechanical vibrations — including self-sustaining oscillations — and, in some cases, even suppress them down to only a few quanta.

    • Martino Poggio
    • Nicola Rossi
    News & Views
  • Synchronization of biochemical oscillators that are responsible for biological rhythms costs free energy. This theoretical result suggests that part of the adenosine triphosphate molecules consumed by a Kai oscillator is necessary for synchronization.

    • Andre C. Barato
    News & Views
  • The need to control and manipulate the properties of quantum materials has led to a burst of interest in their properties out of equilibrium. Understanding this regime represents an opportunity for theorists and experimentalists alike.

  • Physics is formulated in terms of timeless, axiomatic mathematics. A formulation on the basis of intuitionist mathematics, built on time-evolving processes, would offer a perspective that is closer to our experience of physical reality.

    • Nicolas Gisin
  • The electrons that contribute to the Mott insulator state in single-layer 1T-TaSe2 are shown to also have a rich variation in their orbital occupation. As more layers are added, both the insulating state and orbital texture weaken.

    • Yi Chen
    • Wei Ruan
    • Michael F. Crommie
  • A layer-by-layer study of TaSe2 shows how this material becomes increasingly insulating as it thins to a monolayer. Scanning tunnelling microscopy reveals the electronic correlations underlying this insulator with atomic resolution.

    • Katharina J. Franke
    • Felix von Oppen
    News & Views