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  • The Nernst effect is increasingly used to characterize a material's electronic structure. The discovery of an unexpected Nernst response in graphite establishes the role of dimensionality on this effect, and provides a means of distinguishing bulk and surface contributions to it.

    • Lu Li
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  • A method for measuring the excitation spectrum in atomic gases confined to optical lattices reveals the band structure of these systems, and should facilitate the comparison of quantum gas phases with their condensed-matter counterparts.

    • Henning Moritz
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  • Shockwaves driven by intense laser pulses allow the phase diagram of diamond to be extended up to pressures of 40 megabars and temperatures of 50,000 K. The results could help us better understand the material properties of the core of giant planets within and beyond our Solar System.

    • Isaac Silvera
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  • It is well established that protons and neutrons are bound states of quarks. Now magnetic excitations in systems of coupled spin chains are observed to consist of fractional constituent particles as well.

    • Martin Greiter
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