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  • The Kavli Foundation will award its first prizes in 2008, as two new Kavli Institutes set about making their mark in China.

  • For high-temperature superconductors, results from more refined experiments on better-quality samples are issuing fresh challenges to theorists. It could be that a new state of matter is at play, with unconventional excitations.

    • Didier Poilblanc
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  • A surprising and fascinating interplay may be emerging between string theory and condensed-matter physics.

    • Cliff Burgess
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  • There's no such thing as a free lunch.

    • Robert Billing
  • Only long-term commitment can ensure that quantum information science eventually fulfils its promise of revolutionizing information-based societies.

    • Tommaso Calarco
    • Philippe Grangier
    • Peter Zoller
  • The 'spin-transfer torque effect' could provide a powerful means of controlling the orientation of spins with electric currents rather than magnetic fields in future spintronic devices. Quantitative measurements of this effect represent an important next step.

    • Maxim Tsoi
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  • Ab initio computer simulations of a shocked cluster of nitromethane molecules provide a glimpse of the evolution of the molecular and electronic structure of an explosive undergoing detonation.

    • Gotthard Seifert
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  • In a polaron, an electron and the lattice distortion that it induces in a crystal form a 'quasiparticle'. But a strong electric field can displace the two constituents with respect to each other, giving a glimpse at the polaron's internal dynamics.

    • Richard D. Averitt
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