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  • This month, we celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the iconic experiment by Otto Stern and Walther Gerlach — a milestone in the development of quantum mechanics.

  • The use of quantum effects and digital technologies is changing the measurement of electrical power and energy, as explained by Héctor Laiz.

    • Héctor Laiz
    Measure for Measure
  • Recent experiments utilizing strain have shed light on the role of electronic nematicity in determining the properties of unconventional superconductors. This Perspective reviews these developments and discusses open questions.

    • Anna E. Böhmer
    • Jiun-Haw Chu
    • Ming Yi
  • Multidimensional coherent spectroscopy measurements in iron-based superconductors demonstrate how the coupling between a superconductor and strong light pulses can drive the transition into a non-equilibrium superconducting state with distinct collective modes.

    • L. Luo
    • M. Mootz
    • J. Wang
    Article Open Access
  • Spin ices have magnetic moments arranged on a lattice with many possible ground-state configurations. Quantum effects can ‘melt’ the spin ice into a liquid that fails to form static order even at absolute zero despite strong interactions.

    • Vivien S. Zapf
    • Minseong Lee
    • Priscila F. S. Rosa
    News & Views
  • A clever experiment with a photonic circuit has realized three-dimensional non-Abelian quantum behaviour — introducing an experimental testbed for field and gauge theories.

    • Andrew G. White
    News & Views
  • Photonic waveguides with appropriately engineered interactions allow the experimental realization of non-Abelian quantum holonomies of the symmetry group U(3), which is known from the strong nuclear force.

    • Vera Neef
    • Julien Pinske
    • Alexander Szameit
    Letter Open Access
  • The Luttinger liquid is a theoretical concept used to describe interacting fermions in a 1D system. Now it is shown that the model also describes electron physics in η-Mo4O11, a quasi-2D material in which 1D chains cross each other.

    • X. Du
    • L. Kang
    • L. X. Yang
  • Manipulating the chirality of electron vortices using attosecond metrology allows the clocking of continuum–continuum transitions, bringing the dream of time-resolved quantum physics a little closer.

    • Jean Marcel Ngoko Djiokap
    News & Views
  • Elasticity-driven synchronization in active solids has been predicted theoretically and was recently realized in a synthetic system. A biological realization is now demonstrated in a bacterial biofilm.

    • Japinder Nijjer
    • Tal Cohen
    • Jing Yan
    News & Views
  • The performance of computing devices is determined by the implementation of logical operations at the hardware level. A quantum AND gate designed using three energy levels of a superconducting circuit may speed up quantum computing algorithms.

    • Zhang Jiang
    News & Views
  • Attosecond circular-dichroism chronoscopy—a spectroscopy technique that employs two circularly polarized pulses in co-rotating and counter-rotating geometries—can measure the amplitudes and phases of continuum–continuum transitions in electron vortices.

    • Meng Han
    • Jia-Bao Ji
    • Hans Jakob Wörner