Credit info (from left): Hugo Defienne and Daniele Faccio, University of Glasgow. Serim Ilday, Bilkent University - UNAM. Serim Ilday, Bilkent University - UNAM. Immanuel Bloch, Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

15 years of Nature Physics

This month we celebrate our 15 year anniversary with a feature highlighting some of our editors' favourite papers - and a Comment on what lies ahead for the future of particle physics.  

Latest Research

  • Letter |

    The coherence of a close-to-ideal laser beam can be quadratically better than what was believed to be the quantum limit. This new Heisenberg limit could be attained with circuit quantum electrodynamics.

    • Travis J. Baker
    • , Seyed N. Saadatmand
    • , Dominic W. Berry
    •  & Howard M. Wiseman
  • Letter |

    Recently, a framework was introduced to model three-dimensional physical networks, such as brain or vascular ones, in a way that does not allow link crossings. Here the authors combine concepts from knot theory and statistical mechanics to be able to distinguish between physical networks with identical wiring but different layouts.

    • Yanchen Liu
    • , Nima Dehmamy
    •  & Albert-László Barabási
  • Article |

    Energy–momentum phase-matching enables strong interactions between free electrons and light waves. As a result, the wavefunction of the electron exhibits a comb structure, which was observed using photon-induced near-field electron microscopy.

    • Raphael Dahan
    • , Saar Nehemia
    • , Michael Shentcis
    • , Ori Reinhardt
    • , Yuval Adiv
    • , Xihang Shi
    • , Orr Be’er
    • , Morgan H. Lynch
    • , Yaniv Kurman
    • , Kangpeng Wang
    •  & Ido Kaminer
  • Article |

    Active matter particles self-propel but controlling their direction of motion can be challenging. Here the authors place motile bacteria inside microdroplets and control their propulsion by exploiting the asymmetric director structure of the surrounding liquid crystal.

    • Mojtaba Rajabi
    • , Hend Baza
    • , Taras Turiv
    •  & Oleg D. Lavrentovich
  • Article |

    Stacking a monolayer and bilayer of graphene, with a small twist angle between them, creates a tunable platform where the physics of both twisted bilayer graphene and twisted double bilayer graphene can be realized.

    • Shaowen Chen
    • , Minhao He
    • , Ya-Hui Zhang
    • , Valerie Hsieh
    • , Zaiyao Fei
    • , K. Watanabe
    • , T. Taniguchi
    • , David H. Cobden
    • , Xiaodong Xu
    • , Cory R. Dean
    •  & Matthew Yankowitz
  • Article |

    Scale-invariant magnetic anisotropy in RuCl3 has been revealed through measurements of its magnetotropic coefficient, providing evidence for a high degree of exchange frustration that favours the formation of a spin liquid state.

    • K. A. Modic
    • , Ross D. McDonald
    • , J. P. C. Ruff
    • , Maja D. Bachmann
    • , You Lai
    • , Johanna C. Palmstrom
    • , David Graf
    • , Mun K. Chan
    • , F. F. Balakirev
    • , J. B. Betts
    • , G. S. Boebinger
    • , Marcus Schmidt
    • , Michael J. Lawler
    • , D. A. Sokolov
    • , Philip J. W. Moll
    • , B. J. Ramshaw
    •  & Arkady Shekhter

News & Comment

  • News & Views |

    Observing accreting black holes in the early Universe allows precise comparison of clocks over intercontinental distances on Earth. This is achieved with a novel observation strategy using the next generation of very long baseline interferometry systems.

    • Rüdiger Haas
  • News & Views |

    Animals seem capable of an infinite variety of movement, yet also exhibit substantial stereotypy in repeated actions. A beautiful view of worm behaviour now shows that the worm’s state evolves deterministically but is bounced chaotically between unstable periodic orbits.

    • Jane Loveless
    •  & Barbara Webb
  • Research Highlight |

    • Stefanie Reichert


European Strategy for Particle Physics


European Strategy for Particle Physics

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