Representation of data from the IceCube experiment.

June issue

This month we constrain quantum gravity with the coherence of neutrinos, feature a Perspective on topological photonics, and learn that correlated disorder can seed photo-induced phase transitions.


  • Artistic schematic of two atoms forming a molecule.

    This Insight issue celebrates and reviews recent progress in the generation and study of cold and ultracold molecules and ions for applications in quantum simulation, metrology and chemistry.

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  • Gaussian boson sampling reproduces distributions that are hard to calculate classically and were claimed to show quantum advantage in the noiseless limit. But now a classical algorithm is shown to reproduce experimental results when noise is large.

    • Changhun Oh
    • Minzhao Liu
    • Liang Jiang
  • Although manipulation of objects using light and sound waves is an established technique, it has so far been confined to static environments. Iterative tailoring of acoustic far fields now allows control of objects in disordered and dynamic media.

    • Bakhtiyar Orazbayev
    • Matthieu Malléjac
    • Romain Fleury
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Mechanical modes promise applications in continuous-variable quantum information processing, but only if the final two elements—squeezing and nonlinearity—are achieved. Experiments with an oscillator coupled to a transmon qubit now achieve this.

    • Stefano Marti
    • Uwe von Lüpke
    • Matteo Fadel
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Timeliness is a crucial property for the optimal functioning of socio-technical systems where delays can propagate. Now it is shown that a stylized model of delay propagation on temporal networks shows a phase transition that can trigger avalanches.

    • José Moran
    • Matthijs Romeijnders
    • Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
Light caught under the hand of a student as they plug wires into an electrical circuit

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