Quantum logic AND gates

January issue

This month we find out how to make quantum AND gates, determine the transparency of the Milky Way to cosmic anti-3He nuclei, and show how magnetic tweezers enable new experiments in protein folding.


  • Complex optics insight

    Disorder and mode interactions are often treated as sources of noise, but can shape the flow of light in interesting and useful ways. This Insight reviews the fundamental physics and broad applications of optics in disordered and multimodal media.

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    • Strongly laser-driven quantum correlated many-body systems lead to the generation of light with exotic quantum features — the quantumness of a many-body system is imprinted on the state of the emitted light.

      • Paraskevas Tzallas
      News & Views
    • Disturbances in the orientation of magnetization in a magnet can propagate as spin waves or magnons. A design that makes it possible to optically excite nanoscale spin waves offers a route to developing miniaturized spin-based devices.

      • Akashdeep Kamra
      • Lina G. Johnsen
      News & Views
    • Tides not only affect ocean dynamics but also influence the Earth’s magnetosphere. Satellite observations have now revealed evidence of tidal effects in the Earth’s plasmasphere correlated with Moon phases.

      • Balázs Heilig
      News & Views
    • By recovering energy from a relativistically accelerated electron beam in a multiturn configuration, a reduction of radiofrequency power has been demonstrated. This is a milestone toward more efficient and better performing accelerators.

      • Peter Williams
      News & Views
    • Reconstructing the motional quantum states of massive particles has important implications for quantum information science. Motional tomography of a single atom in an optical tweezer has now been demonstrated.

      • Hannes Bernien
      News & Views
  • The authority of science within society is contested by antiscientific movements. To restore trust, science education should involve students in the social processes of knowledge production.

    • P. Riccardi
  • As 2023 begins, we look forward to some of the new things the journal will do this year and introduce the team of editors who will do them.

  • The SI prefixes provide an essential mechanism for the effective communication of scientific information. Richard Brown and Martin Milton inform us about the latest developments.

    • Richard J. C. Brown
    • Martin J. T. Milton
    Measure for Measure
Feynman diagrams that contribute to the production of the Higgs boson form the number ten.

The Higgs boson discovery turns ten

The discovery of the Higgs boson was announced ten years ago on the 4th of July 2012 — an event that substantially advanced our understanding of the origin of elementary particles’ masses.


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