A colourised picture of a quantum transducer.

May issue

This month we feature an Insight on cold and ultracold molecules, and examine burning plasmas and fuel gain exceeding unity in direct-drive intertial confinement fusion.


  • Artistic schematic of two atoms forming a molecule.

    This Insight issue celebrates and reviews recent progress in the generation and study of cold and ultracold molecules and ions for applications in quantum simulation, metrology and chemistry.

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  • The sign of the Casimir force depends on the electric permittivities and the magnetic permeabilities of the materials involved. For a gold sphere immersed in a ferrofluid, tuneability of the Casimir force by means of a magnetic field is now shown.

    • Yichi Zhang
    • Hui Zhang
    • Changgan Zeng
  • The mechanism by which two-dimensional materials remain stable at a finite temperature is still under debate. Now, numerical calculations suggest that rotational symmetry is crucial in suppressing anharmonic effects that lead to structural instability.

    • Unai Aseginolaza
    • Josu Diego
    • Ion Errea
  • Active cell contraction drives hole nucleation, fracture and crack propagation in a tissue monolayer through a process reminiscent of dewetting thin films.

    • Jian-Qing Lv
    • Peng-Cheng Chen
    • Bo Li
  • Many recent experiments have stored quantum information in bosonic modes, such as photons in resonators or optical fibres. Now an adaptation of the classical spherical codes provides a framework for designing quantum error correcting codes for these platforms.

    • Shubham P. Jain
    • Joseph T. Iosue
    • Victor V. Albert
Light caught under the hand of a student as they plug wires into an electrical circuit

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