A colourised picture of a quantum transducer.

May issue

This month we feature an Insight on cold and ultracold molecules, and examine burning plasmas and fuel gain exceeding unity in direct-drive inertial confinement fusion.


  • Artistic schematic of two atoms forming a molecule.

    This Insight issue celebrates and reviews recent progress in the generation and study of cold and ultracold molecules and ions for applications in quantum simulation, metrology and chemistry.

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    • Spatial heterogeneity in disease transmission rates and in mixing patterns between regions makes predicting epidemic trajectories hard. Quantifying the mixing rates within and between spatial regions can improve predictions.

      • Emily Paige Harvey
      • Dion R. J. O’Neale
      News & Views
    • A superfluid is a macroscopic system with zero viscosity through which entropy is reversibly transported by waves. An unexpected transport phenomenon has now been observed between two superfluids, where irreversible entropy transport is enhanced by superfluidity.

      • Marion Delehaye
      News & Views
    • In solids, the quantum metric captures the quantum coherence of the electron wavefunctions. Recent experiments demonstrate the detection and manipulation of the quantum metric in a noncollinear topological antiferromagnet at room temperature.

      • Su-Yang Xu
      News & Views
    • Multi-step transitions between a variety of topological spin textures have been unveiled in a centrosymmetric magnet, which may enable efficient multistate memory and logic devices.

      • Jayjit Kumar Dey
      • Sujit Das
      News & Views
    • A clear picture of how and why cells inevitably lose viability is still lacking. A dynamical systems view of starving bacteria points to a continuous energy expenditure needed for maintaining the right osmotic pressure as an important factor.

      • Ann Xu
      • Hyun Youk
      News & Views
Light caught under the hand of a student as they plug wires into an electrical circuit

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