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Volume 17 Issue 2, February 2023

X-rays from carbon nanotubes

Artistic image of hard X-rays being emitted from a network of carbon nanotubes that have been illuminated with intense, femtosecond pulses from a petawatt laser. The approach may yield a new source of X-rays with applications in imaging and materials science.

See Shou et al. and Macchi and Pegoraro

Image: Shirui Xu, Wenjun Ma, Zhuo Pan, Yinren Shou and Xixizhiyan Co.,Ltd.. Cover Design: Bethany Vukomanovic


  • Recollected by his colleagues as a creative and humble scholar with an indomitable will, Byoungho Lee was enthusiastic about realizing the holistic potential of holographic displays.

    • YongKeun Park
    • Jae-Hyeung Park
    • Ting-Chung Poon


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News & Views

  • Enhancement of laser energy conversion into X-rays is obtained using a target made by entwined carbon nanotubes.

    • Andrea Macchi
    • Francesco Pegoraro
    News & Views
  • A scheme for converting qubits between two different representations, discrete and continuous variables, paves the way for more-efficient quantum networks.

    • Hyunseok Jeong
    News & Views
  • The near-field chirality of a single-symmetry achiral object enables polarization-dependent unidirectional photocurrent generation, and the vectorial output paves a way for a new family of geometric photodetectors.

    • Artur Movsesyan
    • Zhiming Wang
    News & Views
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