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Volume 16 Issue 5, May 2022

Terahertz chiral spectroscopy

Artistic image of crystals that feature chiral phonons that can be probed by terahertz chiral spectroscopy. The approach brings new opportunities for the analysis and identification of important, medically relevant substances such as amino acids, peptides and amyloid nanofibrils.

See Choi et al. and Kim and Tsurusk

Image: Younghee Lee, CUBE3D Graphic. Cover Design: Bethany Vukomanovic

News & Views

  • The chiral nature of phonons in crystals of biomolecules is identified by terahertz spectroscopy, paving the way to a better understanding of biochemical processes.

    • Minkyu Kim
    • Vladimir V. Tsukruk
    News & Views


  • Non-reciprocal physical systems exhibit direction-dependent propagation of light, enabling a myriad of devices such as diodes and circulators. A new experiment demonstrates non-reciprocal amplification of light via atomic spins, driving photons on a one-way street through optical nanofibres.

    • Kanu Sinha
    • Elizabeth A. Goldschmidt
    News & Views
  • Researchers report a solid-state laser containing metasurfaces that generates a 10 × 10 array of phase-locked optical vortices with tunable orbital angular momentum.

    • Philippe St-Jean
    News & Views
  • Non-Abelian braiding, an essential process for realizing topological quantum computation, is implemented using an array of photonic integrated waveguides.

    • Stefan Scheel
    • Alexander Szameit
    News & Views
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