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Volume 15 Issue 8, August 2021

Ultrafast terahertz nanoscopy

Artistic impression of near-field terahertz nanoscopy probing the femtosecond dynamics of interlayer excitons (red-blue bubble structures) in van der Waals heterobilayers (grey spheres).

See Huber et al.

IMAGE: Markus Plankl, University of Regensburg. COVER DESIGN: Bethany Vukomanovic


  • The 2014 Nobel laureate, Isamu Akasaki, sadly passed away in April at the age of 92. He was highly regarded for his work on the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes and research into new semiconductor materials.

    • Yasuo Koide




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News & Views

  • Reducing the footprint of optical spectrometers is a critical requirement for many in-field applications. Now, a single black phosphorus photodetector with a wavelength-scale size enables mid-infrared computational spectrometry.

    • Vicente Durán
    News & Views
  • A ‘twin-field’ repeater-less protocol has enabled an experimental demonstration of secure quantum key distribution over a 511-km long-haul optical fibre link.

    • Charles C.-W. Lim
    • Chao Wang
    News & Views
  • The adiabatic encirclement of exceptional points in non-Hermitian systems is known to produce surprising non-adiabatic effects. A new study finds a cheat code to exactly emulate this behaviour without ever having to produce an exceptional point.

    • Seunghwi Kim
    • Gaurav Bahl
    News & Views
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Review Articles

  • Recent progress in terahertz scanning probe microscopy is reviewed with an emphasis on techniques that access length scales below 100 nm relevant to material science. An outlook on the future of nanoscale terahertz scanning probe microscopy is also provided.

    • T. L. Cocker
    • V. Jelic
    • F. A. Hegmann
    Review Article
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