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Volume 15 Issue 5, May 2021

Diffractive optical computing

Artistic impression of optical computing performed by modulating the incident light with layers of diffractive structures, comprised of programmable liquid crystal array. A photodetector array then converts diffracted photons into electrons to realize a reconfigurable optoelectronic processor.

See Dai et al.

IMAGE: Xing Lin, Tiankuang Zhou, Lu Fang, and Qionghai Dai COVER DESIGN: Bethany Vukomanovic


  • When the nanophotonics research community finally gets back to in-person conferences, the rooms will have empty chairs on the first row. The chairs will be reserved for Professor Mark I. Stockman.

    • Alexandra Boltasseva
    • Vladimir M. Shalaev
    • Nikolay. I. Zheludev




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News & Views

  • Photonics offers high hopes for next-generation neural network processors. Now it has been shown that even entirely using off-the-shelf photonics allows surpassing speed and energy efficiency of cutting-edge GPUs.

    • Daniel Brunner
    • Demetri Psaltis
    News & Views
  • Optical acoustic sensors have gained interest for use in photoacoustic imaging systems, but can they dethrone conventional piezoelectric sensors altogether?

    • David C. Garrett
    • Lihong V. Wang
    News & Views
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  • Progress in the field of quantum-photonics applications of metasurfaces is reviewed. Cutting-edge research, including the development of optical chips supporting high-dimensional quantum entanglement and advanced quantum tomography, is summarized.

    • Alexander S. Solntsev
    • Girish S. Agarwal
    • Yuri S. Kivshar
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Matters Arising

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