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Volume 14 Issue 12, December 2020

Volume 14 Issue 12

Terahertz accelerators scale up

Artistic impression of a linear relativistic electron accelerator powered by laser-generated, multicycle terahertz pulses. Longitudinal terahertz electric fields propagating through a rectangular dielectric-lined waveguide are phase-velocity matched to the relativistic electron bunches to improve the interaction. The concept could ultimately yield multistaged, high-gradient acceleration of particle beams.

See Jamison et al.

IMAGE: Morgan Hibberd, The Cockcroft Institute COVER DESIGN: Bethany Vukomanovic


News & Views

  • News & Views |

    Unexpected multimode solitary waves can be formed spontaneously in hollow-core fibres, hinting at a vast world of exciting nonlinear optics, with applications for generating few-cycle, ultra-intense pulses.

    • Logan G. Wright
    • Frank W. Wise
  • News & Views |

    Beneath a forest in Villigen, Switzerland, a new compact free-electron laser facility is generating brilliant X-ray flashes.

    • Makina Yabashi
  • News & Views |

    The manipulation of the quantum properties of light involves its technically challenging strong interaction with matter. Now, an experiment shows that when light propagates through a waveguide it only takes a weakly coupled line of atoms to single out its photons, or bunch them together, unveiling and controlling its quantum nature.

    • Pablo Solano



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